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Sound Business Insights

Oct 21, 2021

Corporate Documents

                Articles of Incorporation              


                Operating Agreement (LLC)

                Shareholders’ Agreement (Corp)

Share Ledgers / Share Certificates

                Minutes / Annual Meeting Requirements / Corporate Recordkeeping


The Rule of...

Oct 14, 2021

Starting a business in San Diego or anywhere in Southern California is a lot more than simply establishing an entity.  Selecting the right entity, drafting corporate documents and providing sound counsel helps our clients to get their businesses off to a strong start.

Decades of experience helping San Diego and Southern...

Sep 7, 2021

Dan Watkins of the Watkins Firm provides an overview of the topics and legal issues to be discussed in their podcast "Sound Business Insights."  

Topics to be discussed include:

Starting a business

Contracts and transactions

Buying and selling a business

Insights for employers

Resolving business disputes 

Breach of...